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Wedding Proposals in United States

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  • Marriage Proposal Ideas
    Marriage proposal ideas to create a memorable engagement

    First comes love, and then comes the perfect proposal! Once you have decided to get engaged and ask for your partner's hand in marriage, it is essential that you find the perfect ring and plan the perfect proposal. Remember, this is the engagement story that will be told time and time again! Take these marriage proposal ideas and make them your own.

    Personal Memories
    Ask your beloved to marry you at a sentimental place such as where your parents or grandparents met. Pass down the love of your parents or grandparents by giving her a family heirloom ring.

    Coordinate with help from friends and family and incorporate their favorite pastime, such as sailing, for the ultimate proposal.

    If you’re on the creative side, craft hand-made boxes that show scenes of importance times in your relationship. The boxes should be able to fit inside one another like a Russian matryoshka doll. The smallest box should reveal the proposal scene!

    Puzzles & Hunts
    If they loves puzzles and surprises, have them decode a secret message to open up a lock that reveals an engagement ring inside!

    Looking for adventure? Surprise your loved one by digging up a strategically placed buried treasure. When you open the chest, take out the ring and propose!

    Lead your beloved through an intricate scavenger hunt to a candlelit proposal in the park. The crowd that gathers will cheer when they says yes!

    If you are in a long-distance relationship and want to shake up the commute, coordinate a proposal 10,000 feet in the air! Surprise them by showing up on the flight. You can even get the flight attendants involved!

    If you travel for work, take your partner on your next “business” trip. Take a detour in a city with a special meeting and surprise them with a ring!

    Send them on a surprise trip with clues along the way to the place where you met. Don’t forget the passport and flight itinerary!

    Broadcast the News
    Break the news by popping the question with a cover article in your local or university paper.

    Take a short ad out during your loved one's favorite TV show.

    Work with your local cinema to play a movie trailer of your proposal before a movie you both go see.
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